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Acceleo Portal



Acceleo 3 is a code generator implementing of the OMG's Model-to-text specification. It supports the developer with most of the features that can be expected from a top quality code generator IDE: simple syntax, efficient code generation, advanced tooling, features on par with the JDT... Acceleo help the developer to handle the lifecycle of its code generators. Thanks to a prototype based approach, you can quickly and easily create your first generator from the source code of an existing prototype, then with all the features of the Acceleo tooling like the refactoring tools you will easily improve your generator to realize a full fledged code generator.

The Acceleo Project

Acceleo is an Eclipse based product created and developed by the Eclipse Strategic Member Obeo. It is included in the Eclipse release train since Eclipse 3.6 Helios.

History was created in 2005, and as the time goes, the Team has been more and more convinced that the MOF Model To Text OMG specification was the way to go for the project. We started to code a reference implementation for the standard within the Eclipse M2T project. We have managed to provide nice tooling, simple syntax and efficient code generation with all the pragmatism we had about There aren't a lot of differences between the old version of acceleo and the new one.

We are confident that the Acceleo community gain value from moving to a self hosted project to an Eclipse one, and that end users will follow the transfert from to as we will provide the same level of functionnalities and we will insure an interoperability between the old syntax and the new syntax (the standard one).

The Acceleo Team will continue to maintain the old syntax of Acceleo outside of eclipse ( ) for a couple of years, but the new versions and the new features will take place on In the next release you'll have an automated tooling helping you to migrate your templates from a syntax to another.

For Acceleo lover, you will find in Eclipse Acceleo everything you have loved in the version and more (the standard compliance with more documentation). This specification is really a good one :


On this wiki, you will also find links to Acceleo tutorials in which beginner will be able to see some concrete use case of code generation and acquire good practices for the realization of Acceleo generators. People already familiar with Acceleo will be able to learn some tricks and to discover the brand new features of the new versions of Acceleo.


Acceleo has been created with the objective of having the best tooling possible to generate code. As such, Acceleo possess several key features like an editor with syntax highlighting, errors detection, completion, refactoring etc. This editor is coupled with a traceability API which can be leveraged to see the elements from its input models and the region of its generators that have been involved in the generation of a selected element. The features available in Acceleo can be found here. On this page, you can also find some of the exciting new features that we want to bring in the next release of Acceleo.


Documentation for Acceleo is composed of a User Guide and the operations reference for the Acceleo library and the OCL library. The operations reference is also included in the Help Content of Eclipse; in your Eclipse, go to Help => Help Contents and navigate to the Acceleo Model To Text section. The very same help is accessible online on the Eclipse help center. The documentation for the Acceleo Query Language (AQL) used with Sirius is published here



Acceleo is an Eclipse based generator but it is also a community, and you can find the Acceleo community on the forums.

Videos and presentations

You will find on this wiki some videos of Acceleo presentations and tutorials realized by members of the Acceleo dev' team or users of Acceleo. During those videos you will be able to all the features of the new versions of Acceleo and good practices for the realization of code generators. You will also find links to powerpoint or pdf presentation of Acceleo created for Eclipse conferences.

Acceleo Portal
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