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== References ==
== References ==
* [1] Eclipse [ Model To Text (M2T) project]
* [1] Eclipse [ Model To Text (M2T) project]
* [2] OMG [ MOF Models to Text Transformation] Language Final Adopted Specification, OMG
* [2] OMG [ MOF Models to Text Transformation] Language Final Adopted Specification
document ptc/07-08-16

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The Acceleo Project (previously named MTL) is an open source component under the Eclipse Modelling / Model To Text (M2T) project [1]. Its primary goal is to provide an implementation of the MOF Model To Text OMG standard [2].

You do not need to be an expert to start using the plug-ins: using the provided example projects and the powerful completion feature of the Acceleo editor, it is very easy to get started once you understand the basic principles.

Concerning the language, almost all of the OMG specification keywords are supported (those marked with an asterisk are not fully supported yet):

module, import, extends, template, query, public, private, protected, guard, init,
overrides, each, before, after, for, if, elseif, else, let, elselet, trace*, macro*,
file, mode, text_explicit*, code_explicit*, super, stdout

For all the details about these keywords and the MOF Model to Text Language in general, you can consult the official MTL Specification available at the OMG website.


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