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(Non-regression tests)
(Non-regression tests)
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Tests realized with :
Tests realized on 04/12/2007 with :

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This page consists in a report of emfvm non-regression tests. Those tests are available on CVS and reports all performances and regression issues between the two versions of the ATL VM. Here are also centralized all development informations about the emfvm, like missing features.


Some relevant EMF-based transformations are integrated to the test set and are launched with the Regular VM and the emfvm. The results of the transformations are comparated using EMF Compare. When a test pass successfully, execution times are reported for both VMs in order to detect performance issues. If a test fails, a short description of the problem (or eventually a bug) is reported in the "Comments" field. The test is excluded from the emfvm test set until it is corrected.

Non-regression tests

Non-regression tests on emfvm
Test case Status Time Comments
emfvm Regular VM
Trace2PerformanceMetrics PASS 0.0s. 0.016s.
BibTeX2DocBook PASS 0.015s. 0.047s.
FlattenTest FAIL 0.016s. Incomplete collections implementation.
XML2Book PASS 0.016s. 0.016s.
Families2Persons PASS 0.0s. 0.016s.
Ecore2Class PASS 0.016s. 0.015s.
DSL2KM3 PASS 0.031s. 0.031s.
Book2Publication PASS 0.015s. 0.0s.
Class2Relational PASS 0.015s. 0.016s.
UML2Relational FAIL 0.046s. Unsupported model elements containing "::".
DSL2XML PASS 0.11s. 0.171s.
AssertionModification PASS 0.078s. 0.156s.
XML2DSLModel PASS 1.0s. 10.703s.
XML2Ant PASS 0.266s. 2.094s.
DSLModel2KM2 PASS 0.015s. 0.046s.
Ant2Maven PASS 0.094s. 0.109s.
KM32DSL PASS 0.016s. 0.047s.
Maven2XML PASS 0.062s. 0.062s.
ATL2Problem FAIL 0.094s. Missing EnumLiteral implementation.
XML2DSL PASS 0.078s. 0.485s.
SpreadsheetMLSimplified2Trace FAIL 0.031s. Transformation fails without errors.
KM32ATL_KM22MM PASS 0.015s. 0.032s.

Tests realized on 04/12/2007 with :


  • Processor : Pentium 2 GHz
  • RAM : 2 Go


  • Operating system : Windows XP
  • JVM : JRE 1.6
  • Eclipse 3.3 Europa
  • ATL 2.0

emfvm missing features

Here is the list of the missing features of the emfvm. This list attemps to prevent duplicate works, by signalizing current developments. So if you are committer, or contributor, do not hesitate to update this list by shortly describing your current work (eventually with your contact) :

  • Complete UML2 support
  • AsmEmitter equivalent (for ACG support)
  • Metamodel java methods support
  • Debugging protocol
  • Exceptions logger
  • Superimposition
  • Refining mode, with in-place model transformation support

How to contribute

To contribute, you can add your own test to the non-regression test. Ensure that : - your work isn't copyrighted - the transformation doesn't uses MDR metamodels (not supported by the emfvm) - the transformation correctly runs on the Regular VM NOTE : At this time, UML2 profiled target models generation isn't supported, but you can submit any concerned tests, in prevision of a future implementation.

To contribute a test, you can either put them into CVS (if you are committer), or contact William Piers.

A non-regression test is never complete, so feel free to contribute your tests !

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