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ATL Compatibility

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This page is related to the compatibility changes between ATL 2.0.0RC2 and newer versions.

The ids issue

ATL 2.0.0RC2 (and previous versions) has the current issue : main of internal ids are in an old formalism, which doesn't meet Eclipse's practices.

Changes for versions > 2.0.0RC2

Some of those ids are "internal" and can be changed without side-effects for ATL users. But there are three problematic ids :

  • ATL nature id
  • ATL builder id
  • ATL launch configuration id
  • ATL Perspective id

Note that if you develop some code around ATL, you may have compatibility issues with "internal" ids. If you are in that case, the only thing you must know is that "org.atl.eclipse..." ids have been replaced by their "org.eclipse.m2m.atl..." equivalent.

Be careful : the ATL perspective id has also changed, so to apply this change, simply close the ATL perspective and reopen it.

ATL Compatibility Tool

To make easier transition to new ATL versions, we provide a tool which allows you to convert your previous ATL work. This tool is available under the ATL perspective (the new one) into the "ATL Compatibility" menu. Then you can choose the projects you want to convert. By clicking "OK", the tool will :

  • change the .project file : update the builder and nature
  • change every ATL .launch files by updating the launch configuration type.

Launch Configurations

The tool is able to change launch configurations only in the case they are stored inside a selected project. So if you want a launch configuration to be converted you need to store it into an old ATL project.

Manual conversion

All the changes done by the tool

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