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* [[ATL/User_Guide_-_The_ATL_Tools | The ATL Tools]]
* [[ATL/User_Guide_-_The_ATL_Tools | The ATL Tools]]
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* [[ATL/User_Guide_-_Building_ATL_With_ANT_And_Maven | Building ATL Files With ANT And Maven]]

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  • Download and install a JVM (JRE or JDK), if one is not already installed.
    • for ATL 2.0 or older, JDK 1.4 will work.
    • for ATL 3.0+, you need JDK 5.0 or later



Install ATL

There are two ways to install ATL:

  • via update site
  • via zip: see ATL Downloads. Once your zip is downloaded, just unpack it into
    • with Eclipse 3.3, 3.2: ~/eclipse/features/ and ~/eclipse/plugins/ folders
    • with Eclipse 3.4+: ~/eclipse/dropins/ folder

Finally, restart Eclipse.

The ATL SDK build enables to:

  • consult documentation offline
  • access ATL examples
  • access the source code of installed ATL plugins

To install ATL from CVS, please refer to the Developer Guide.

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