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ATL-related Publications

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This page lists papers related to ATL. Some articles describe the language itself while other describe various applications.


  • [Graaf07a] Bas Graaf, Sven Weber, and Arie van Deursen: Model-Driven Migration of Supervisory Machine Control Architectures. In: Journal of Systems and Software. © Elsevier 2007. Accepted for publication.
  • [Graaf07b] Bas Graaf and Arie van Deursen: Model-Driven Consistency Checking of Behavioural Specifications. In: Proceedings of MOMPES 2007, Fourth International Workshop on Model-based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software, Braga, Portugal, March 2007, pages 115--126. © IEEE Computer Society 2007.
  • [Graaf2007c] Bas Graaf and Arie van Deursen: Visualisation of Domain-Specific Modelling Languages Using UML. In: Proceedings of ECBS 2007, 14th Annual IEEE International Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems, Tucson, AZ, USA, March 2007, pages 586--595. © IEEE Computer Society 2007.
  • [Milanovic2007a] Milanović, M., Gašević, D., Giurca, A., Wagner, G., Devedžić, V., Model Transformations to Share Rules between SWRL and R2ML, 3rd International Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering (SWESE 2007), Innsbruck, Austria, 2007. (Best paper award).
  • [Strommer2007a] M.Strommer, M.Murzek, M.Wimmer: Applying Model Transformation By-Example on Business Process Modeling Languages Accepted at the 3rd International Workshop on Foundations and Practices of UML at the 26the International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, ER 2007, Auckland, New Zealand, November 2007.
  • [Friske2007a] Mario Friske, Holger Schlingloff: Generierung von UML-Modellen aus formalisierten Anwendungsfallbeschreibungen; In: M. Conrad, H. Giese, B. Rumpe, B. Schätz (Eds.): MBEES - Model Based Engineering of Embedded Systems III, Dagstuhl-Workshop, TU Braunschweig Report TUBS-SSE 2007-01, January 2007


  • [SAC06a] Jouault, F, and Kurtev, I : On the Architectural Alignment of ATL and QVT. In: Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 06), model transformation track, Dijon, Bourgogne, France.
  • [SAC06b] Kurtev, I, van den Berg, K, and Jouault, F : Rule-based Modularization in Model Transformation Languages illustrated with ATL. In: Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 06), model transformation track, Dijon, Bourgogne, France.


  • [GraMoT05] Bézivin, J, and Jouault, F : Using ATL for Checking Models. In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Graph and Model Transformation (GraMoT), Tallinn, Estonia.
  • [GTTSE05] Didonet Del Fabro, M, and Jouault, F : Model Transformation and Weaving in the AMMA Platform. In: Pre-proceedings of the Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering (GTTSE'05), Workshop. Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias de Computação, Departemento de Informatica, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal, pages 71--77.
  • [MTIP05] Jouault, F, and Kurtev, I : Transforming Models with ATL. In: Proceedings of the Model Transformations in Practice Workshop at MoDELS 2005, Montego Bay, Jamaica.
  • [ECMDA_05] Jouault, F : Loosely Coupled Traceability for ATL. In: Proceedings of the European Conference on Model Driven Architecture (ECMDA) workshop on traceability, Nuremberg, Germany.


  • [AllilaireIdrissi0001] Allilaire, F, and Idrissi, T : ADT: Eclipse development tools for ATL. In: Proceedings of the Second European Workshop on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) with an emphasis on Methodologies and Transformations (EWMDA-2). Computing Laboratory, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.
  • [RR-LINA2004-08] Bézivin, J, Jouault, F, and Valduriez, P : An Eclipse-based IDE for the ATL model transformation language. Research Report LINA, (04.08).


  • [Bezivin0004] Bézivin, J, Dupé, G, Jouault, F, Pitette, G, and Rougui, JE : First experiments with the ATL model transformation language: Transforming XSLT into XQuery. In: OOPSLA 2003 Workshop, Anaheim, California. 2003.

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