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AJAX Toolkit Framework

[tools/jseditor.html JsValidation.jpg]
ATF will validate your JavaScript code as you type and as a project wide build step. It supports different notification levels.
[tools/jseditor.html JsValidationProblemsView.jpg]
JavaScript validation entries are reported in Eclipse’s Problems View. Select an entry to open the source file in and editor.
[tasks/launch/launch.html RunInMoz.jpg]
Run your web application in the Embedded Mozilla browser.
[tools/jsdebug.html DebugInMoz.jpg]
Debug your web application in the Embedded Mozilla browser.
[tools/mozbrowser.html Browser.jpg]
The Embedded Mozilla is a fully functional browser with tighter integration with Eclipse.
[tools/mozbrowser.html OpenBrowser.jpg]
Open the Embedded Mozilla by using the toolbar action available in the Mozilla Perspective.
[tools/dominspect.html DomInspectorTree.jpg]
Use the DOM Inspector view to get a live snapshot of the document rendered in the browser.
[tools/dominspect.html DomInspectorSelection.jpg]
Discovered where a DOM element in the DOM tree is rendered in the browser.
[tools/dominspect.html DomInspectorAttributes.jpg]
Modify the attributes of the selected DOM element and immediately see the effects in the browser.
[tools/mozbrowser.html BrowserSelection.jpg]
Select elements to inspect by making a selection directly on the browser.
[tools/browserconsole.html JsConsole.jpg]
Use the Browser Console view to see error and warning messages logged by the browser. Click on a console entry to open the affected file in an Eclipse editor.
[tools/jsEval.html JsEval.jpg]
Evaluate JavaScript expressions on the page and interactively inspect the results.
[tools/xhrmon.html XhrMonList.jpg]
See all the AJAX calls made by your application in the XHR (XML HTTP Request) Monitor view.
[tools/xhrmon.html XhrMonDetails.jpg]
Look at the response and request details for each AJAX call.
[tools/cssview.html CssViewRules.jpg]
Inspect all the CSS rules and style properties that are applied to the selected DOM element in the CSS view.
[tools/cssview.html CssViewEdit.jpg]
Make changes to the values of style properties and previewed or permanently applied them to the browser.
[tools/cssview.html CssViewDiff.jpg]
Track all the CSS changes made to later apply them to your application.
[tools/domsource.html DomSource.jpg]
See source text of the selected DOM element and its descendants and use it to navigate the document.
[tools/domsource.html DomSourceEdit.jpg]
Make text modifications in the DOM Source view and change the content displayed in the browser.
[tools/jsdebug.html DebuggerSetBreakpoint.jpg]
Set breakpoint markers on files located in projects as well as remotely located files for debugging JavaScript.
[tools/jsdebug.html DebuggerTriggerBreakpoint.jpg]
When the JavaScript Debugger is running, interact with the application in the Embedded Mozilla to trigger a breakpoint.
[tools/jsdebug.html DebuggerCallStack.jpg]
When the JavaScript Debugger encounters a breakpoint, interact with the current call stack using the Debug view.
[tools/jsdebug.html DebuggerVariables.jpg]
Inspect the variables in scope at each level of the call stack in the Variables view.
[tools/jsdebug.html DebuggerBreakpoints.jpg]
See all the breakpoints that the JavaScript Debugger is observing in the Breakpoints view.
[tools/jsdebug.html ScriptView.jpg]
Use the Script View to list all the files that contain JavaScript in the application and add or remove breakpoints.
[javascript:void(0) ServerHTTP.jpg]
Use a simple HTTML Server configuration to automatically synchronize between your projects and the web server.
[tasks/pbuilder/pboverview.html PersonalityBuilder.jpg]
Use the Personality Builder to easily create tooling for other AJAX Toolkits and Libraries.

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