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* Lukas Krawczyk, (FH Dortmund)
* Lukas Krawczyk, (FH Dortmund)
* Robert Hoettger, (FH Dortmund)
* Robert Hoettger, (FH Dortmund)
== Goals ==
== Goals ==

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This page helps for the preparation of the PolarSys Rover Hackathon for Amalthea4Public project

  • Location: TBD, certainly Stuttgart
  • Date: January 19th, 2017
  • Time: TBD

After the Hackathon, this page will become a report of what happened during the Hackathon.


  • Gaël Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation Europe)
  • David Schmelter (Fraunhofer)
  • Joerg Tessmer (Bosch)
  • Harald Mackamul (Bosch)
  • Daniel Kunz (Bosch)
  • Francesco Gerardi (Bosch)
  • Zakir Meer (Bosch)
  • Lukas Krawczyk, (FH Dortmund)
  • Robert Hoettger, (FH Dortmund)


  • Setup the standard tool chain to modify the rover
  • Control and access the rover from your laptop
  • Integrate A4P tools with the tool chain
  • Adapt the Rover demo to cover innovations of the Amalthea4Public project


The setup of the Hackathon will enable several teams to address simultaneously the different aspects of a larger demo.

  • For the Hackathon, we will have 5 full Rover kits as described on this page.
  • We also plan to provide a minimalist non rover kit that consists of a Raspberry pi, and few resistors that enable to simulate the Rover kit with the Raspberry Pi 3 in the loop.


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