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See: Note that there is a buckminster capability now. Theoretically you should be able to simply check out: org.eclipse.amp/releng/org.eclipse.amp.releng/ then import.. releng/amp-local.mspec. But this has not been tested..your first contribution could be to test it!

Contributing Documentation

This is a great way to contribute even if you don't have extensive programming experience. AMP has an automated documentation generation capability based on Mylyn Wikitext. If oyu can edit Wikitext, you can contribute to documentation.

How to edit Documentation

  1. Install Mylyn WikiText support from Helios update site.
  2. Import documentation project
    1. Documentation is in: org.eclipse.amp/org.eclipse.amp/doc/org.eclipse.amp.doc (yes, org.eclipse.amp appears twice).
  3. In doc directory find the appropriate section and edit it.
  4. Submit changes
    1. If you're not a committer, create a bugzilla and submit a patch. Just right-click on the "doc" directory, choose Team->Create Patch.. and follow the prompts.
    2. If you are a committer, commit to CVS and either send a note to amp-dev requesting a doc build, or build and commit the documentation yourself. Please see below.

How to build documentation

You'll want to do this to see the results of your work or to submit a build yourself.

  1. If you're a committer you should grab the amp website as well and import it as a project. (Optional) Otherwise you might get an error for copy task since the ant script copies to the directory as well, but you could also just creaet a dummy amp project.
  2. Right-click on customBuild.xml and choose Run As..Ant Build

That's it. If you are a committer you can then commit the new documentation to the build and to the web page. Note that since you'll be uploading large pdfs and images this could take a long time. (Please check with amp-dev before doing that for the first time.)

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