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The AMMA (ATLAS Model Management Architecture) platform is a model management platform designed and developed by the ATLAS Team, INRIA. It is composed of several elements. Three of them: AM3, AMW, and ATL are available as GMT subprojects.

Description of AMMA

Globally Managing Models with AM3

Weaving Wodels with AMW

Transforming Models with ATL

AMMA-based Projects

We call projects that make use of one or several of AMMA components "AMMA-based Projects". The table below is intended as a list of such projects. This information is typically contributed by people involved in these projects. It is, as such, only informative and definitely non-exhaustive.

Note that it is not mandatory to list an AMMA-based projects here. However, the committers and contributors involved in AMMA development generally appreciate to get feedback. Besides, this list may also be used by people evaluating AMMA usage by informing them on the variety of potential applications.

The Project column corresponds to the name of the project, which may optionally be an hyperlink to more project information. The Affiliation column corresponds to the entity responsible for the project (e.g. laboratory, team, company). The Involved persons column should contain a list of people involved in the project. An entry may span over several rows when several people are involved in the corresponding project. Each person name may optionally be an hyperlink to a mail address or homepage. The Components used column corresponds to the use of the three main AMMA components and is further subdivided into three columns: AM3, AMW and ATL. A Y in one of these columns indicates that the project uses the component, whereas N means that the component is not used. The Comments column may contain additional comments.

(name and link)
Affiliation Involved persons Components used Comments
BibTeX management ATLAS team Guillaume Hillairet Y N Y

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