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AM3/Ant Tasks

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  • Description

This task is used to load a model. This model may be a terminal model or a metamodel. The metametamodels are typically not loaded with this task since they come bundled with a model handler.

  • Parameters
Attribute Description Required Default value
nameName of model in task contextYesNone
metamodel Name of metamodel in task context Yes None
path Path of file to load Yes None
modelHandler Model handler of loaded model No EMF
  • Parameters specified as nested elements
  • Examples
<am3.loadModel modelHandler="EMF" name="News" metamodel="MOF" path="/org.eclipse.am3.zoos.atlantic/News.ecore" />
<am3.loadModel modelHandler="EMF" name="IN" metamodel="KM3" path="/org.eclipse.am3.zoos.atlantic/Amble.km3">
 <injector name="ebnf">
  <param name="name" value="KM3" />
<am3.loadModel name="myXML" metamodel="XML" path="/test/testQuery.xml">
 <injector name="xml" />


  • Description

This task is used to save a model.

  • Examples
<am3.saveModel model="myXML" path="/test/opop.xml">
 <extractor name="xml" />
<am3.saveModel model="news_model" path="/test/news.ecore" />
<am3.saveModel model="IN" path="/test/MyKM3.km3">
 <extractor name="ebnf">
  <param name="format" value="KM3.tcs"/>
  <param name="indentString" value=" "/>
  <param name="serializeComments" value="false"/>


The purpose of this task is to execute an ATL transformation. The models used by a transformation are referenced by their IDs as defined at their loading time (see AM3_Ant_Tasks#am3.loadModel).

There is an exception for metametamodels, which are typically already available from the model handler. A metametamodel is referenced by a string composed of a percent character (i.e. '%') followed by the name of the model handler. For instance: '%EMF' refers to Ecore and '%MDR' refers to MOF 1.4.

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