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The AM3 (ATLAS MegaModel Management) project is an Eclipse GMT (Generative Modeling Tools) subproject which is being developed by the ATLAS Team,INRIA. The aim of the GMT project is to produce a set of prototypes in the area of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). The AM3 project act in this way by providing a practical support for modeling in the large, i.e. dealing with global resource management in a model-engineering environment.



The goal of AM3 (ATLAS MegaModel Management) is to provide a practical support for modeling in the large, i.e. managing global resources in the field of MDE (Model-Driven Engineering). These global resources are usually heterogeneous and distributed. To access them without increasing the accidental complexity of MDE, we need to invent new ways to create, store, view, access, and modify the global entities that may be involved in developing a solution. To this intent, the notion of a megamodel (i.e. a model which elements are themselves models) is being used. In order to achieve this overall goal, AM3 provides a set of tools and artifacts that implement our Global Model Management (GMM) approach which is based on the concept of "megamodel".


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Available Resources

The AM3 project provides many MDE resources which are, at the time, different domains' metamodels, ATL transformations, weaving metamodels and extensions of weaving metamodels. These resources are gathered in what we call "zoos" and are expressed in different formats (as an example, metamodels are expressed in KM3 as well as in Ecore or Microsoft DSL Tools format, etc).


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Bézivin, J, Jouault, F, Rosenthal, P, and Valduriez, P : The AMMA platform support for modeling in the large and modelling in the small. Research Report LINA, (04.09).

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