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The AM3 (ATLAS MegaModel Management) project is a GMT subproject which is being developed by the ATLAS Team, INRIA. The aim of the GMT project is to produce a set of prototypes in the area of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). The AM3 project acts in this way by providing a practical support for modeling in the large, i.e. dealing with global resource management in a model-engineering environment. AM3 is part of the AMMA platform.


The goal of AM3 (ATLAS MegaModel Management) is to provide a practical support for modeling in the large, i.e. managing global resources in the field of MDE (Model-Driven Engineering). These global resources are usually heterogeneous and distributed. To access them without increasing the accidental complexity of MDE, we need to invent new ways to create, store, view, access, and modify the global entities that may be involved in developing a solution. To this intent, the notion of a megamodel (i.e. a model which elements are themselves models) is being used. In order to achieve this overall goal, AM3 provides a set of tools and artifacts that implement our Global Model Management (GMM) approach which is based on the concept of "megamodel".

The totally new AM3 prototype is now available from the Eclipse-GMT AM3 SVN (see How Install New AM3 From SVN) (sources only).


Global management tools have plenty of potential applications. They can provide a lot of leverage over common problems. The idea of modeling in the large is to establish and use global relationships and metadata on the basic macroscopic entities (mainly models and metamodels), ignoring the internal details of these global entities.
A megamodel is a model recording global information on tools, services and other models. A model may be a terminal model, a metamodel or a metametamodel. Models are considered as a whole together with tools, services and other global entities. Within a model management environment, the main elements produced or consumed are models, metamodels or transformations. With the AM3 supported megamodels, we want also to allow the manipulation of other resources such as XML documents, database tables or flat files. For this reason, we have introduced the notion of artifacts as basic entity. A megamodel gives the representation of the user-working context (a zone). A zone is a set of resources and each zone is represented by a given megamodel. It is the set of all the artifacts, which are accessible in a given context. One goal of the megamodel management tool is to manage artifacts with all necessary functionalities, and to allow executing the control actions associated with the artifacts.

AM3 is part of the AMMA platform (ATLAS Model Management Architecture). The AMMA platform has been implemented on top of the Eclipse/EMF framework. The AM3 plug-in is based on the availability of the megamodel's metamodel. The main features of AM3 are:

  • Management of various artifacts,
  • Management of various relations between artifacts,
  • Sharing and exchange of megamodel elements,
  • User interfaces for viewing (browsing, creating, changing, etc.) megamodel elements.

The AM3 plugins implement a framework that provides an environment for modelling in the large with the following basic initial features:

  • Managing megamodels:
    • Adding, editing metadata and deleting artifacts
    • Adding, editing and deleting relations
  • Using megamodels:
    • Sharing artifacts
    • Searching artifacts
  • Managing tools and services:
    • Using tools with artifacts:
      • Running transformations:
        • Model transformations
        • Projectors:
          • Injectors
          • Extractors
        • Launching several transformations in batch mode
      • Editing artifacts

In addition to these, it is very likely that additional functionality will be found useful and implemented in this environment.

Note that you can still download the previous version of the AM3 plugins (for ATL developers) by following the instructions provided from the "How Install Old AM3 Plugins From SVN" Wiki page (some documentation on the provided ATL-specific AM3 Ant Tasks is also available).



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Bézivin, J, Jouault, F, Rosenthal, P, and Valduriez, P : The AMMA platform support for modeling in the large and modelling in the small. Research Report LINA, (04.09).

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