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20160711 Rover Project Meeting

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Meeting Information

Date: 2016-07-11 10:00 (EDT) / 16:00 (CEST) Type: Telephone conference


Name Company
Li Shuai CEA
Ralf Ellner DevelopGroup
Simon Marci Ericsson
Matthew Khouzam Ericsson
Rezam Ahmadi Queen's University
Gaël Blondelle Eclipse Foundation
Charles Rivet Zeligsoft


One of the first tasks facing us, as we are many disparate groups, is to start the coordination of our efforts. To do so, I will be holding a first meeting to get acquainted and to discuss our goals, requirements, and expectations. We will also present the PolarSys project and the process to get to our initial contribution.


  • Introductions
    • Who? Why? Goals?
  • History
  • Free discussion


Please feel free to add and update these minutes in case I missed or misinterpreted something!


Charles Rivet

  • Supplier elected representative at the PolarSys steering committee
  • Co-lead of the PolarSys Rover project with Gaël
  • Early involvement on PolarSys Rover
  • Interested in: Papyrus, Papyrus-SE, Papyrus-RT, integrations accross the solutions, product management

Li Shuai

  • Get (Papyrus) tools used

Ralf Ellner

  • Software architect
  • Support customizations to adapt UML tools
  • User of Papyrus, Eclipse

Simon Marchi

  • Interested in tracing and debugging

Matthew Khouzam

  • Interested in building a "standard" robot and to let universities define the missions.

Gaël Blondelle

  • Need to be able to demo PolarSys tools (solutions) integrations


  • Originally needed the capability to demo the integrated PolarSys Solutions
  • Hoped to be a forcing function for collaboration within PolarSys
  • Original requirement to have something fairly simple that is easy to demo and transport (i.e. fits within airline carry-on specifications)
  • Marketing tool for PolarSys and its solution providers
  • Second group was formed to provide a more industrial rover that would provide a better "hard" real-time platform that would have a better appeal to larger embedded systems industrial users
  • There should be no problem in having two rovers to meet both objectives.

Product Management

  • Need a release of the project before EclipseCon Europe 2016 (October 25-27)
    • Would like to use as a demo at the IoT Playground
    • Need to define the minimal viable product to deliver within the EclipseCon Europe 2016 timebox
    • The Pololu rover would be the platform for this purpose
  • Need to merge efforts from the two teams
    • Document what has been done by each team
    • Need to reuse hardware and software components as much as possible
  • Initial Contribution
    • Gaë to publish his work to GitHub this week.
    • We need a tutorial on Yocto (configuration installation, etc.) and to publish the image that has been created.
    • Real-time is very important to Ericsson
    • Need to ensure that real-time and non-real-time documentation contributions (e.g. tutorials) are properly identified (taged?)
  • Consolidate on Raspberry Pi 3
    • Most new users will be using Raspbian
    • Need to also support RTOS (Yocto)
  • Languages
    • C/C++ (WiringPi)
    • Java
  • Tools
    • CDT
    • LTTNG
      • Queen's U work on TracePoints to generate trace files
        • Also optimized the Papyrus-RT runtime
        • Provide animation of Papyrus-RT model
    • Apogee (Canadian Space Agency)
      • Uses MQTT for comunication
      • Two-way communication required
        • Display information from rover
        • Send commands to rover
    • Use Eclipse IoT's Mosquitto and Paho for communication
      • Follow up with the Eclipse IoT group!

Decisions and next meeting

Next meeting will be held on Thursday, August 25 at 10:00 (EDT) / 16:00 (CEST).

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