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::[ 2.0 Untargeted Blockers, Criticals] (~0)
::[ 2.0 Untargeted Blockers, Criticals] (~0)
::[ 2.0 Targeted Bugs] (Graph)
::[ 2.0 Targeted Bugs] (Graph)
::[ 2.0 Total Bugs Fixed] (~301)
::[ 2.0 JPA Total Bugs Fixed] (~48)
==== RC0 ====
==== RC0 ====
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::[ 2.0 Hot Bug Requests] (~0)
::[ 2.0 Hot Bug Requests] (~0)
::[ 2.0 Hot Bugs] (~0)
::[ 2.0 Hot Bugs] (~0)
::[ 2.0 Total Bugs Fixed] (~301)
::[ 2.0 JPA Total Bugs Fixed] (~48)
=== Performance Tests ===
=== Performance Tests ===

Revision as of 12:40, 4 April 2007

WTP Development Status Meeting 2007-04-05



  • Friday is a holiday in Canada.
  • Interesting discussion about possible removal of remind and later resolved states - 178923.
  • Take a look at the new New WTP 2.0 Plan document published by Raghu and make any updates or changes.

WTP 1.5.4

04/05 - M-build released
04/19 - RC1 released. PMC will only approve stop-ship bugs during the last two weeks
05/04 - 1.5.4 declared
  • Build Status
Please smoke test latest build to declare as the M Build this week.
  • Bug lists (WST,JST,JSF)
Invalid Targeted Defects <1.5.4 (0)
1.5.x Untargeted Blockers/Criticals (~1)
1.5.x Untriaged Bugs (~12)
1.5.x Resolved, Unverified (~41) J2EE=20, WebServices=9
1.5.x Verified, Not closed (~0)
1.5.4 Bugs for WTP PMC review and approval (~3)
1.5.4 Hot Bug Requests (~3)
1.5.4 Hot Bugs (~3)
1.5.4 Blockers, Criticals (~1)
1.5.4 Remaining Targeted Bugs (~26)
1.5.4 Total Bugs Fixed (~22)

WTP 2.0

  • Remaining Europa Timeline
March 2007 - June 2007
Platform +1 WTP
M7 - RC0 May 04 May 11 May 18
Europa Jun 29 Jun 29 Jun 29
  • Europa To Do's
  • Ensure all plugin manifests have execution environments specified - David to open bugzilla, each component needs to do this for M6.
  • Move WS bundles to orbit - Pushed back to RC0 to mitigate risks to M6 stability


  • Build Status
Please smoke test and update wiki with approval to declare M6
  • New and Noteworthy
The webtools/development/news/2.0M6 folder has been populated by starter files.
Committers should post their writeups or alternately attachments can be made to 179645.
We need this ready for Friday when we declare M6.
  • JSF Changes?
Existing JSF Web applications require manual migration steps? Raghu? Any more info or document link?
  • Externalized String Bugs
Please take these as a high priority. We want adopter products to be able to easily and confidentally translate WTP.
  • Adopter Breakages
The adopter usage scans are updated to show more meanigful results and will soon be run for every build to give more immediate feedback.
Open bugs against releng if you see issues with any of the tools.
  • Bug Lists
Bugzilla Enhancements Targeted for 2.0 M6 (0)
2.0 Resolved, Unverified (~205) SSE=56,Server=49,Dali=25,J2EE=14
2.0 Verified, Not closed (~0)
2.0 Remaining Targeted M6 Defects (~50)
2.0 Targeted Blockers, Criticals (~3)
2.0 Untargeted Blockers, Criticals (~0)
2.0 Targeted Bugs (Graph)


  • Following M6, we will have a shutdown and fix milestone called RC0.
April 6th - May 18th following our normal pattern of an I build every Thursday, more detailed schedule to come after next week.
Target RC0 added to bugzilla for Web Tools
Raghu - Can you add a 2.0 RC0 target for JSF in bugzilla?
New function will only be permitted to JSF and JPA, and on a case by case approval basis from the PMC.
  • Copyright Tools - Let's plan to run the eclipse copyright tool to ensure all files have a proper copyright before we declare M6.
Amy - There are two versions of the tool, regular and advanced. The regular only works with the IBM copyright, so if you want to use a different copyright you need to use advanced. It did a good job of ignoring files which already had copyrights.
This work will be deferred to RC0.
  • Bug Lists
All Remaining 2.0 Targeted Enhancements (45)
2.0 Invalid Targeted Defects <RC0 (~50)
2.0 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
2.0 Hot Bugs (~0)
2.0 Total Bugs Fixed (~301)
2.0 JPA Total Bugs Fixed (~48)

Performance Tests

Known Issues
  • Switch the 2.0 performance tests baseline to be the latest 1.5.x
  • The XSD and WSDL tests are not running. Adding them causes the suite to hang. Needs investigation.
  • The baseline test needs to be rerun each week to eliminate false "hiccups" in performance.
Action Items
  • Improve the UI readability and cohesiveness of the output result pages
  • Assign component lead ownership to the specific test suites
  • Improve the actual tests. Why do some take so long? Why do some results fluctuate? Why do some have 160% performance degradations? Are the tests even still valid?
  • Allow committers to reliably and efficiently run perfomance suites in the workspace before checking in code
  • Add JSF and JPA performance JUnits

Bug Backlogs

All Untriaged WTP Bugs (Graph)
All Untriaged WTP Bugs (~85) J2EE=34,JPA=13,JSF=7
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs (0)
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs (254)
All WTP Defect Backlog (Graph)
All WTP Defect Backlog (2878) SSE=900,J2EE=650,WebServices=325
All Resolved, Remind or Later (Graph)
All Resolved, Remind or Later (~79)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (Graph)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (~203) J2EE=52,SSE=28,WS=21,WSDL=18 Take this as a to do in the upcoming weeks as we shut down 2.0.
All API Requests (9)

Working Groups

  • Java EE 5 - Chuck - The goals below are attainable and progress is being made. Import/Export will not make M6, but will drop in RC0 with approval.
JEE5 Scenarios
  • Priorities:
  • Runtime support for JEE5 modules - If we have a JEE5 module (Web 2.5/EJB3/EAR) we should be able to run it on servers (Tomcat/Geronimo/Glassfish). Having the server adapters ready to support these modules will also be important, especially for EJB3 and EAR5.
  • JEE 5 Model extensibility - This issue has been addressed by Chuck.
  • Editing and Tools support: I do not believe our editors(and tools like wizards etc.) will be ready to have full JEE5 support by 2.0.

  • Axis2

  • Website
Bob F?

Other business?

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Server Component Team

Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)

XML/JSP Component Team

Web Services Component Team

Java EE Component Team

Dali JPA



  • Investigating improving usage scans and test coverage reports
  • Running Performance and API tests
  • Stay tuned for a suggested generic WTP project level compiler setting to add to every project


  • Prerequisite Update Rhythm
Update to previous week's I build on Mondays for platform, EMF, and GEF (if available). Update DTP on milestones or by request.
Any committer can also request the prereqs be updated at any additional time.
  • WTP 1.5.4 is a service release for critical defects, regressions, and adopter issues only. There should be no translation or UI changes, nor should it affect any API reported through the adopter scanning tools.
  • This Week's Smoke Test Results
WTP 2.0 Smoke Results Page
EclipseWorld2007, 11/6/2007-11/8/2007 in Reston, VA. The deadline for abstracts is 4/17/2007.
  • Reminder:
Information about process for milestone bugzilla line item planning has been added to the WTP Bugs, Workflow, and Conventions document.
Please come to the meeting with your smoke test results posted to the wiki and ready to vote on declaration of the weekly builds.
PMC Candidate Review Request Checklist - See the updated PMC Review document with attention to the "How To Prepare a PMC Defect Candidate" section
WTP 2.0 Ramp down plan - Please note the early API freeze and shutdown dates.
Adopter Migration Information for WTP 2.0 - Please add any details for your component.
  • Usage Reports and Scans
Adopter Usage Reports
Extension Point Usage Reports
  • Website
Documentation on Setting up your system for Web Tools Web site development and Using Web Tools Phoenix PHP templates is on the wiki at Web_Tools_Web_Site_Development

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