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(WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-11-16)
(WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-11-16)
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::Untriaged bugs (~120)
::Untriaged bugs (~120)
::Blockers/Criticals (~5)
;Other business?
;Other business?

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WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-11-16


Announcements and Reminders
Reminder: EclipseCon2007 still open for submitting long talks, short talks, etc.

WTP 1.5.3
There are EMF 2.2.2 builds now, we should step up this week. Thoughts?
  • Bug lists
Resolved, unverified (~1000)
Verified, not closed (~500)
WTP 2.0
  • M3 Due this Friday, 11/17/06
Please smoke test the latest I-build to be declared as M3 by noon on Friday.
We are building on Eclipse 3.3 M3, so move up to EMF 2.3 this week?
What's the Dali status? Still 114 compile errors?
List (at least) highest priority items, per component team, by 11/17
Begin to analyze Adopter Usage Reports to pick most important API requirements
  • Bug lists
Untriaged bugs (~120)
Blockers/Criticals (~5)
Other business?
  • Website migration to Phoenix and the proposed plan by Arthur. Comments? Do we need a more concrete plan?

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Common Component Team
Server Component Team
Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)
XML-JSP Component Team
Web Services Component Team
Dali/JPA Project Component Team
Java EE Component Team
  • Need to figure out how to build-a-feature-patch
  • Improved JUnit Console Log results
  • Execution Environments
  • Add versions 1.5.1,1.5.2,1.5.3 to the WTP bugzilla version options list when opening new bugs
  • Compiling non API usage numbers from adopters to establish priorities for declaring new API

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