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WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-10-26

Announcements and Reminders
Congratulations to Jason Sholl, our newest Committer
1.5.2 Release
Bugs needing PMC Approval
Bugs to be verified
Things still to do
Document our WTP_Release_1.5.2_Final_Test
Prepare update site(s)
announce on Tuesday, 31st
1.5.3 Release
Due: 2007-02-16
1.5.3 Guidelines for fixes
I did a mass untargeting of 1.5.3, if severity was normal+ and priority was 3+. Bugs went from around 100 to around 50. Even 50 seems like too many too me ... so, triage carefully.
Main focus (and contraint) should be on blockers, critical, major, of priority 1 or 2. Otherwise, better to focus on WTP 2.0.
If a bug is within above constraint, then it is up to developer, as long as your team or component lead agrees and has reviewed. (No need for extra documentation). This will be in effect until about January 7th, when more levels of review will be required.
WTP 2.0
M3 Due 11/17
Please smoke test latest I-build to be declared by noon on Friday.
RDB has been removed.
Other business?
Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week
Common Component Team
Server Component Team
Editors Component Team
1.5.3 Testing and Triage
Web Services Component Team
Project Component Team
JEE Component Team

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