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11.16.2006 F2F Outcomes

Revision as of 17:24, 20 November 2006 by (Talk | contribs) (Conclusions, decisions, etc.)

Conclusions, decisions, etc.

  • Progress was made on coordinating work for the demo of Higgins and Bandit components working together for IIW 2006 (Dec 4)
  • Progress was made on Idas Registry design & requirements
    • rename current IContextFactory.create() -> .attach()
    • add a new IContextFactory.create (that just creates)
    • agreed to adding IContext.configure() and IContextFactory.configure()
    • registry now has state and manages context configuration
    • registry now has bind operator to bind ContextRef to Context
    • Greg (and others) will continue design work
  • Reviewed, corrected, updated I-Card (updated)
  • Reviewed and updated Architecture (updated)
    • settled on using "in broswer" ISS Web UI
    • made related changes to architecture diagram
  • Reviewed Components
    • emphasis on component "owners" and responsibilities
    • discussed importance of component owners early & often updating the "Requires" column for their row
  • Discussed Idemix integration
    • outcome: Abhi now understands better how to do the idemix integration
    • the "cross-card" nature of Idemix will necessitate changes
      • the user picks N>1 card in the card picker UI
      • introduces changes & complexity to several components:
        • RP Protocol support
        • I-Card Selector Service
      • addition to new components:
    • IBM Zurich to propose new I-Card interface
      • variant of TokenIssuerCard Interface
    • IBM Zurich to continue work on RP Security Policy
      • but with an understanding of the larger I-Card requirements
        • e.g. I-Cards with complex attribute types
  • Reversed our earlier decision about Java 5
    • Context Providers, Token Providers, etc. (plug-ins) may use Java 5
    • Higgins core and interfaces must only require Java 1.4.2
    • Agreed to document this here Developer Resources
  • Reviewed and updated Deployments (updated)
    • agreed to have this page describes only what has actually been tested and is officially supported by the project
    • updated contents of this table; we'll add it to the website

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