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10.5.2006 Online Meeting

Time: 10:30 - 6:30 ET

Rough notes on an agenda; not necessarily in order:

10:30-10:40 Introductions & Administrivia

  • Get synced up on whatever online conferencing tech we want to use (e.g. to project PPTs, etc).

10:40 HBX & ISS (Jan Camenish) 30 min

  • policy language (discussion & collection of requirements). need language to specify token-request,i.e., to specify what information the user needs to supply to get access to some resource. Language format, homegrown, use RDF so that it maps into data model. Similar language to request tokens from issuer. Elements that need to be expressed:
    • type of i-card
    • attribute
    • issuer
    • recipient
    • in encrypted form (under what key)
    • in committed form
    • arbitrary statement over attributes (e.g., age < 18)
    • logical formulas over terms (AND, OR)
    • backing of statement (self-signed, passport checked, .....)
    • data handling policy (privacy policy stating things like purpose, retention time etc)
  • HBX for graphical i-card selection (c.f. paper [1],demo [2])
    • where do pictures do come from (include in certs?)
    • issue with many HBXes..

11:10 IdAS (Jim Sermersheim) 40 min

  • SPARQL (Examine and discuss sample queries).
    • Does it meet out needs? Is it user-friendly?
    • Alternate filter interface
    • Consensus was to proceed with the proposed interfaces. Concerns:
      • Filter should to be able to query on non-instance (calculated or reasoned) data.
      • Consider making an interface for comparators.
  • Other IdAS TODOs
    • Idas_Architectural_Todo
      • Provider/Context configuration and policy.
        • Common examples of config/policy.
        • Do we want to promote a commol look/feel?
        • Need to pass policy to IContext. We're currently passing as metadata -- does this feel right? Also refer to issue
        • Consensus was to see if it makes sense to pass Context config info at registration time.
          • Remove IHasMetadata from IContext once we solve the Context configuration issue. No one can remember why we added this, nor can produce a use case for it.
      • Nested Providers
        • What do we need (APIs and/or config) to achieve this?
        • Not discussed
    • Idas_Implementation_Todo
    • Idas_Documentation_Todo
  • Unit tests (proposed directory and test structure).
    • Not discussed

11:50 LDAP schema (Tom Doman) 20 min

  • Higgins ontology review.
  • Review of Novell's LDAP schema output.
  • Outstanding LDAP issues (Summary).

12:10 Token Issuer/STS (Mike McIntosh) 40 min

How Does an STS Extension get Attribute Values to Place into Claims?
	STS @ Subject
		Push With RST
			Token Exchange - STS Framework creates a DigitalSubject/Context?
		Pull From Subject IdAS
			Based on DigitalSubject/Context?
	STS @ IdP
		Push with RST
			Token Exchange - STS Framework creates a DigitalSubject/Context?
		Pull From Subject IdAS
			Based on DigitalSubject/Context?
		Pull From IdP IdAS
			Based on DigitalSubject/Context?
		Same as STS @ IdP?

Break (1-1:30pm) 30 min

1:45pm IdAS Registry API (Greg Byrd) 15 min

  • Initial implementation ready, waiting for clearance to commit
  • Instantiates IContextFactory objects that are listed in properties file and plugins that extend org.eclipse.higgins.context extension point
  • Maps context reference (URI) to factories that can (potentially) instantiate it (i.e., factory.canCreate(uri) is true)

2:00pm Project Overview (Paul Trevithick) 60 min

  • Review of Higgins 1.0 Component Inventory (where we need to be)
    • (Regarding automated build) People need .jar and javadoc versioned and packaged. (Jim added this)
  • Review Milestone 0.6 (where we'll be at the end of November)
  • How can we fill in some of the gaps?

3:10pm Higgins & Microsoft/OSP (Mary Ruddy) 20 min

Action items:

  • Our approach regarding these issues WRT IBM and Sun and Eclipse
  • Circulate additional language about detail on import/export
  • Circulate additional language about sniffing
  • To receive example plug-fest docs for inclusion
  • Create link to OSIS, pending sample link
  • Add comment at the top about asking for similar promise from other IP providers.

3:30pm Higgins & OSIS (Dale Olds) 20 min

Higgins & Identity Schemas (Paul Trevithick) 15 min

  • Review
  • Mention who's involved
  • First telephone meeting Friday 2-3pm ET (email for details)
    • 1-620-782-8800 (Kansas)
    • 7243627#

4:30pm HBX Service Discovery Proposal (Andy Dale) 20 min

5:00pm end

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