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This page provides the required docuware for the Xtext v1.0.0 Release Review, as part of the upcoming Helios Simultaneous Release.

Sven Efftinge (

Release Review : June 11, 2010

Communication Channel : eclipse.modeling.tmf newsgroup

Process Documentation :


Xtext is a framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages (DSLs). Just describe your very own DSL using Xtext's simple EBNF grammar language and the generator will create a parser, an AST-meta model (implemented in EMF) as well as a full-featured Eclipse text editor from that.

The Framework integrates with technology from Eclipse Modeling such as EMF, GMF, M2T and parts of EMFT. Development with Xtext is optimized for short turn-arounds, so that adding new features to an existing DSL is a matter of minutes. Still sophisticated programming languages can be implemented.


In this release Xtext has matured to a full-blown language development framework, providing JDT-like IDE support for your languages. Most noteworthy are the

  • builder infrastructure
  • indexing infrastructure
  • dirty state support
  • quick fixes based on model or text
  • etc. (See New & Noteworthy)

Non-Code Aspects

Documentation has been overhauled and extended. The examples are now shipped via EMF's example wizard.

Testing & Packaging

Xtext now makes use of the Hudson new continuous build system.

The continuous build includes running approx. 3500 testcases.

Xtext is integrated into the Helios Release Train since Oktober 2009.

Community & Support

  • Active newsgroup with about 30 posts a day
  • Presentations at EclipseSummit and EclipseCon and numerous DemoCamps
  • Blog posts on
  • Bugs changed between 2009-07-01 and 2010-05-28:

Xtext Bugs helios.png

IP Issues

The component leadership verifies that:

  • the about files and use licenses are in place as per the Guidelines to Legal Documentation.
  • all contributions (code, documentation, images, etc) have been committed by individuals who are either Members of the Foundation, or have signed the appropriate Committer Agreement. In either case, these are individuals who have signed, and are abiding by, the Eclipse IP Policy.
  • all significant contributions have been reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • all non-Committer code contributions, including third-party libraries, have been documented in the release and reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • all Contribution Questionnaires have been completed.
  • the "provider" field of each plug-in is set to "Eclipse Modeling Project“.
  • the "copyright" field of each feature is set to the copyright owner (the Eclipse Foundation is rarely the copyright owner).
  • any third-party logos or trademarks included in the distribution (icons, help file logos, etc) have been licensed under the EPL.
  • any fonts or similar third-party images included in the distribution (e.g. in PDF or EPS files) have been licensed under the EPL.

The Xtext IP Log is available from [1]

Project Plan

The current project plan is available from [2].

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