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The development process of Xtext inherits everything from Eclipse's development process and extends it as described below.

What goes into the framework?

We hold regular milestone plannings, where we (the committers) decide what things we want to focus on in a particular milestone. The meeting is open but face-to-face. It is of course always possible and encouraged to file new enhancements and bug reports using bugzilla. Make sure that the issue you want to enter is not already described in another bugzilla entry.

The features to be implemented in a milestone can be queried from bugzilla (filter for the particular milestone).

How we work on tasks

In weekly development meetings (skype conferences) we (the committers) decide who to work on what issue/feature. It's also possible for everyone to start working on any bugzilla which has the keyword 'helpwanted'. Just leave a comment, that you're working on it. It's best to also state something about when you will provide a patch.

If you cannot find many bugs marked with 'helpwanted', it's because we're in a very early stage, where most of the things we want to do need a lot of design. As the framework gets more mature, more bugs will be tagged with 'helpwanted'.

If you work on something make sure that you

  1. Update/extend the documentation accordingly
  2. Update/extend the respective test suite
  3. Follow the design principles
  4. Use bugzilla to discuss design issues
  5. Write meaningful commit comments, including the number of the bug you're working on (if you're not a committer, attach them to the patch you provide)

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