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This page provides the required docuware for the Xtend 2.3 Release Review, as part of the upcoming Juno Simultaneous Release.


Xtend is a statically-typed programming language which compiles into Java source code. It is 100% compatible with any existing Java code, but offers a much more concise syntax and many important features missing in Java.


Type Inference

With local type inference users don't have to pollute the code with redundant type information. Yet the code is statically-typed, so you get useful error messages.

Advanced Eclipse Plug-In

The language was designed together with the IDE, to ensure a great and holistic user experience. It relies on the static type information and integrates tightly with the JDT (Java Development Tools).

Lambda Expressions

Xtend offers a very concise syntax for lambda expressions. Lambda expressions in Xtend automatically convert to any type with just one method, allowing to use Lambdas instead of noisy anonymous classes in existing Java APIs.

Template Expressions

Rich string concatenation through a template syntax is built into Xtend, to ensure creating text, being it for websites or for code generation, doesn't force the user to switch to a half-baked template language.

Switch of types

The switch expression in Xtend is very powerful and replaces all the instanceof/casting cascades you'll find in Java code a lot.

New in this release


Accordance with project plan themes and priorities


Non-Code Aspects

  • New overhauled examples
  • Extensive documentation


APIs have not changed in this release.

  • The project lead certifies that the requirements for Eclipse Quality APIs have been met for this release.
  • Non-API in is marked as “internal”


No change.

Tool Usability

Sample tools haven't changed.


Nothing has been deprecated.


Bugzilla snapshot for Indigo as of June 5, 2012.

File:Xtend bugzillas juno.png


No standards.

UI Usability

  • Xtend 2.3 conforms to Eclipse User Interface Guidelines
  • Eclipse platform standard i18n support used where applicable/possible; stand-alone deployment uses equivalent J2SE APIs
  • ICU4J is used


Xtend is a “+2” project in the simultaneous release.

  • M2 09/30/2011 with Xtext
  • M3 11/11/2011 (2.1.0 Release with Xtext)
  • M4 12/16/2011 (2.2.0 Release with Xtext)
  • M5 02/03/2012
  • M6 03/23/2012 API freeze
  • M7 05/11/2012
  • RC1 05/25/2012
  • RC2 06/01/2012
  • RC3 06/08/2012
  • RC4 06/15/2012
  • 2.3.0 Final 06/27/2012


  • Interaction in Bugzilla
  • Activity on the mailinglist
  • Collaboration with other projects at Eclipse

Committer Changes

No change.

IP Issues

The Xtend project leadership verifies that:

  • the about files and use licenses are in place as per the Guidelines to Legal Documentation.
  • all contributions (code, documentation, images, etc) have been committed by individuals who are either Members of the Foundation, or have signed the appropriate Committer Agreement. In either case, these are individuals who have signed, and are abiding by, the Eclipse IP Policy.
  • all significant contributions have been reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • all non-Committer code contributions, including third-party libraries, have been documented in the release and reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • all Contribution Questionnaires have been completed.
  • the "provider" field of each plug-in is set to "Eclipse Xtend“.
  • the "copyright" field of each feature is set to the copyright owner (the Eclipse Foundation is rarely the copyright owner).
  • any third-party logos or trademarks included in the distribution (icons, help file logos, etc) have been licensed under the EPL.
  • any fonts or similar third-party images included in the distribution (e.g. in PDF or EPS files) have been licensed under the EPL.

The approved Xtend project IP log is located at

Project Plan

The current project plan is available from

Draft development plan for Xtend 2.4 is not yet available.

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