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XML File Context Provider CVS

(Redirected from XML File CP CVS)

General CVS Information

Connection Type Committers  :ext:
Anon access  :pserver:
Repository Path /cvsroot/technology

XML File Context Provider Projects

The XML File Context Provider consists of two projects, one for the Context Provider and one for the Test code in different CVS modules

Project Module Location Eclipse PSF ViewCVS
XML File CP org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.idas.cp.xmlfile anonymous viewcvs
XML File CP Test org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.idas.cp.xmlfile.test anonymous viewcvs

Build Instructions

  • Building within Eclipse:
    • The normal project build method will compile the source
    • How to produce a standalone jar:
      • In Eclipse, do this:
        • Window, Show View, Ant. An ant browser appears.
        • Right-Click, Add Buildfiles..., browse to the buildfile (build.xml) you want to add and select it.
        • Expand the build file to expose the jar target.
        • Double-click the jar target to build the jar.
    • How to produce javadoc:
      • Follow the instructions above to add the ant buildfile to the ant browser
      • Double-click the javadoc target.
  • Command-line build
    • Building an Eclipse plugin
      • From the project directory, run "ant -DECLIPSE_HOME=<path to eclipse installation>"
      • Note that this requires an Eclipse installation
    • Building a standalone jar file
      • From the project directory, run "ant jar"
    • Building javadoc
      • From the project directory, run "ant javadoc"

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