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Work Areas

This page describes work areas of two kinds. Work concentrated on a particular code component. And work projects that cut across multiple components.

Core Components

End-User installed components

  1. HBX - Higgins extension for Firefox
  2. Relying Party Policy/Tags

Developer clients

  1. Demo app - Eclipse RCP app
  2. JAAS LoginModule

ISS: Identity Selector Service and STS

  1. Internal components (e.g. matcher, selector, H-Tag manager)
  2. Security Token Service (STS)

IdAS: Identity Attribute Service

  1. Application Programming Interface (API): HTTP/XML, WSDL, Local Language Interface(Java)
  2. Context Provider Interface (CPI)
  3. IdAS implementation

Example Context Providers

  1. File-based Context provider: for developers only (org.eclipse.higgins.context.user)
  2. ECF Collab - Integration with ECF collab code
  3. ProfileShare provider: Simple "vcard" sharing context (uses ECF) (org.eclipse.higgins.context.profileshare)
  4. SSEContext provider: RSS+SSE implementation under development
  5. Common: org.eclipse.higgins.context.model - building block currently used by org.eclipse.higgins.context.user and by org.ecipse.higgins.context.profileshare and others. Will be replaced in M4 due to new M4 data model


Work areas that cut across components:

  1. InfoCard, WS-Trust Interoperability
    • Security Policy profiles for relying parties
    • Integration of an STS with Higgins Core
    • ...etc.
  2. JAAS Interoperability - Create a JAAS LoginContext impl and embed Higgin Core within it. Create a new "user" context that uses JAAS KeyStore.
  3. Automated daily builds
  4. Demos

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