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Web Tools Project/Common/Inventory

[KK = Konstantin Komissarchik] Unclear about the function of these plugins. Is this part of xdoclet support?
[KK] (internal) Base classes for the flexible project classpath container. This is what the Web App Libraries container is based on.
[KK] (internal) org.eclipse.jst.common.jdt.internal.integration Unclear what this is. Contains classes such as JavaArtifactEditModel and WorkingCopyManager.
[KK] (public) implementation of the facet
[KK] Looks to contain some sort of a search framework. Where is this used?
[CS] This framework is used by xsd and wsdl editors to support search and refactoring. It's something we'd hoped could be a generic search engine that could potentially unify cross language searches. It may be more practical to re-cast this as an XML search engine in which case it could be moved to xml.core.
[KK] EMF integration.
[KK] The IDataModel/Operation/Wizard framework.
[KK] No code. Appears to contain help content. All of the references in the contexts file are for wst.sse component.
[LM = Lawrence Mandel] Yes. Infopops are context sensitive help. What you get when you hit F1.
[KK] Could someone confirm whether all of this content is specific to the wst.see component/project?
[KK] The flexible project infrastructure.
[KK] The faceted project framework.
[KK] Snippets support.
[KK] Looks to be some test-related utilities and general test infrastructure. Is some of this actually releng?
[KK] Misc UI stuff that didn't belong someplace else.
[CS] Yep. Many of the classes here are canidates for pushdown to the eclipse platform -or- simply refactoring them away. In a perfect world we'd document the 'story' for each of the classes with references to eclipse bugs where where pushdown is required.
[KK] Tabbed properties view.
[DW] With any luck, this tabbed properties project can be removed in WTP 3.0. That's the goal.
[KK] What is this and where is it used?
[LM] The URI resolution framework is used to resolve the location of resources such as XML, WSDL, DTD, XML schema, and TLD files. It is used throughout WTP. The XML catalog and Internet cache are both URI resolvers.
[KK] What is this? I also noticed that these appear to be in the common project, while other prlugins in the wst.internet namespace (such as wst.internet.monitor and wst.internet.proxy are not).
[LM] By "in the common project" I assume you mean according to the map files. Is that correct? The Internet Cache is URI resolver (hooked into the URI resolution framework - see org.eclipse.wst.uri.resolver) that attempts to locate resources on the Web. If found, it caches resources so they will not need to be retrieved each time they are requested. I added this function as before WTP 2.0 the J2EE schemas and DTDs were not bundled with WTP. The Internet cache is still useful for other schemas, DTDs, WSDL docs, and anything else retrieved from the Web.
[KK] Map files and features. I see wst.internet.cache listed in file and wst.common_ui.feature (bug?). The wst.internet.monitor.* and wst.internet.proxy.* plugins are not referenced by any common project's map files or features. Looking at WTP 2.0 distribution, I see wst.internet.monitor.core and wst.internet.monitor.ui plugins present. They are referenced by the wst.server_core and wst.server_ui features. None of the wst.internet.proxy.* plugins are present in the distribution and I couldn't find any references to them in any of the features. Are they dead code? If so, we should delete them from CVS head to avoid further confusion.
[DW] I've opened to cover the "deletion from head".
[KK] Looks to be some sort of an abstraction for the eclipse log and status reporting.
[PM = Peter Moogk] Yes, this plugin does abstract logging and status reporting so that commands can be written without knowing whether they are running in an Eclipse UI environment or in a Eclipse headless environment.
[KK] Command Framework. Could someone explain what this is?
[PM] These plugins provide concrete implementations of the Environment framework that the Web services plugins use. The env.ui plugin also provides the base wizard framework that the Web services plugins use. This plugins also define a command framework that uses the Environment framework. These commands extends the Eclipse command framework with the addition of the Enviornment. This is a general framework that any plugin can utilize, however, I believe that the Web services components are the only ones using it.
[KK] Validation Framework
[KK] can someone explain what this is?

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