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Vorto / Meta Information Model / Discussion

This page shall be the basis for discussing the Vorto Meta Information Model.

Points to discuss

  • Properties When creating a property within a Functionblock the category status, fault or configuration has to be chosen. This should be optional and it should be possible to add user-specific categories. Currently it is not possible to specify if a property is readable, writeable or eventable, etc.
  • Property Type The property type provides only information about the data structure of the property. It is currently not possible to add semantic information like measurement units etc.
  • Parameters and return types The parameters and the return type of an operation are modelled using specific elements withing the meta model. They should be modelled using the elements that define the structure for property types.
  • Meta Information It should be possible to add specific meta information to properties, Functionblocks, and Information Models.
  • Device specific information It should be possible to add device specific information to an Information Model without creating a device-specific Functionblock.

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