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Vorto / Describing Devices / Information Models

Information Models are descriptions of real-world devices. Vorto provides a DSL that allows for easily creating such Information Models. The examples below show how the DSL looks like:

Example: Color Lamp

namespace vorto.examples.infomodels
version 1.0.0
using vorto.examples.functionblocks.Dimmer; 1.0.0
using vorto.examples.functionblocks.RGBColorPicker; 1.0.0
using vorto.examples.functionblocks.Switch; 1.0.0

infomodel Color_Lamp { 
    displayname "Color_Lamp"
    description "Information model for a Color Lamp"
    category example
    functionblocks {
        dimmer as Dimmer
        colorpicker as RGBColorPicker
        switch as Switch

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