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Regional Communities/Canada/Vancouver/2007-12 DemoCamp

Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

NOTE: If you wish to register but do not have an account email Rob Elves directly [email: robert dot elves at]


UBC Robson Square Room C100

Presentations followed by social at the Lennox Pub (map).

Date and Time

Thursday, December 6, 2007. Demos 19:00 - 20:30, Social 21:00


  • Mik Kersten, Mylyn Project Leader
  • Rob Elves, Mylyn Committer [email: robert dot elves at]


Lars Grammel (UVic CHISEL) — Nomad PIM 
Nomad PIM is an open-source Eclipse RCP application for personal information management. By applying the modularity and extensibility of Eclipse to this domain, it provides a platform for integrating personal data, and allows customization to personal needs. Founded in 2005, Nomad PIM has been downloaded over 20,000 times and is available in eight languages. It contains plug-ins for personal notes, journal, address book, individual bookkeeping, task management, time tracking and evaluating basic fitness measurements. An integration with Google Mail and other Google services is currently under development
David Green (MAKE Technologies) — Textile-J 
Find out about how Textile wiki markup can be used within Eclipse using this new open-source project. Various aspects of Textile-J will be explored, including: Textile markup as a basis for Eclipse help content, the Textile markup editor, and using Textile to create a TextPresentation in an SWT SourceViewer.
David Green — MDD and Mylyn 
From requirements to code: take a look at how two powerful technologies can be used together to improve the developer experience on large projects.
Rafael Chaves (Abstratt Technologies) — TextUML Toolkit 
The TextUML Toolkit is a tool for creating UML models using a textual notation. This presentation will quickly cover the benefits of a textual notation over a graphical one and show how to create a detailed UML model that is suitable for code generation.
Andrew Eisenberg (UBC SPL) — Embedded CAL 
Embedded CAL allows you to add snippets of CAL code directly into the Java editor. CAL is a lazy, functional language that compiles into Java byte code. Although the semantics of Java and CAL are quite different, Embedded CAL makes it easy to use the two languages together. I will show an example of how to use Embedded CAL to define statically typesafe data models in CAL that can be used directly in Java programs. CAL is an open source language and available for download at And this is work that I did as a summer student at Business Objects working on the Open Quark team this summer.
Nathan Hapke (UBC SPL) — Fishtail 
Fishtail uses the context of a currently active Mylyn task to formulate web searches about the code of interest. Searches are performed for a variety of categories, such as articles, tutorials, and examples of code use. The goal is to bring web resources into the development environment as you work, so that information is readily available when you need it.
Lloyd Markle (UBC SPL) — JQueryScapes 
A demonstration of customizable Java code perspectives.
Mik Kersten (Tasktop Technologies) — Tasktop 
Knowledge workers are overloaded with so much data that they often spend more time looking for information than they do getting work done. The Tasktop is an Eclipse Rich Client Application that brings the benefits of Mylyn’s task-focused interaction to a large range of knowledge work activities. The Tasktop plug-ins can be used by programmers to integrate Mylyn with their desktop applications and web services in order to reduce information overload and bring focus to their entire workday. Managers can install the standalone Tasktop in conjunction with their issue tracking or project management repository of choice in order to streamline the team’s collaboration around tasks. Tasktop leverages the openness and extensibility of the Eclipse and Mylyn frameworks in order to re-align knowledge work around tasks. In a similar way to how the Mylyn developer tools are transforming the productivity of Java programmers, the Tasktop is set to bring about a fundamental improvement in the productivity and working conditions of knowledge workers worldwide.

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name to the list below. Also consider subscribing to the Eclipse Vancouver Announce mailing list. We'd like to see as many people show up as possible!

  • Mik Kersten
  • Rob Elves
  • Steffen Pingel
  • Samuel Kroslak
  • Jay Marino
  • Lars Grammel
  • Igor Stelmashenko
  • Dima Berastau
  • Alex Choi
  • Rafael Chaves
  • Teg Bains
  • Gail Murphy
  • Nathan Hapke
  • James Zhu
  • Alex Choi
  • David Green
  • Benj Fayle
  • Mik Lernout
  • Minna Van
  • Wesley Coelho
  • Shawn Minto
  • Ducky Sherwood
  • Michael Mendonca
  • Andrew Eisenberg
  • Duc Dang
  • Lloyd Markle
  • Peter Bang
  • Jim Pilaar
  • Kory Markevich
  • Richard Han
  • Paul Wong
  • Radina Nikolic
  • Mike White
  • Steve Cullingworth
  • Yonel Yonkov

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