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VJET/Releasing a New Version

Follow these steps if you want to release a new version of Spray. Later we plan to leverage the Maven Release Plugin to facilitate these steps.


Maven 3

Git client

Increasing memory for maven 

export MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx1024m


1. Pull the latest state from the repository (make sure you stash any unstaged files)

2. Open a command-line and start at the root directory of the org.eclipse.vjet.all repository

3. Set project version to release version with the Tycho Versions plugin

mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=0.1.0

4. Manually change the /org.eclipse.vjet.all/eclipse/features/org.eclipse.vjet.all.repo/category.xml file.Replace 0.1.0.qualifier by 0.1.0

5. Execute a Maven build with goals clean verify to assure that everything builds

mvn clean verify

6.Commit the changed files

git submodule foreach 'git commit -a -m "prepare for release"'

7. Push changes to and fire off build... (once build is successful you have 0.1.0 version on nightly site)

git submodule foreach 'git push'

7.  Create a release tag with pattern v<version> (pending success of build) [2]

git submodule foreach 'git tag v0.1.0'

8. Increment to next development version

mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=0.2.0-SNAPSHOT

9. Manually change the /org.eclipse.vjet.all/eclipse/features/org.eclipse.vjet.all.repo/category.xml file.

10. Replace 0.1.0 by 0.2.0.qualifier Execute a Maven build with goals clean verify to assure that everything builds

mvn clean verify

11. Commit the changes

git submodule foreach 'git commit -a -m "increment to next development version"'

12. After Hudson job is finished push the changes including the tag to the server

git submodule foreach 'git --tags push origin master'

# for parent project

git --tags push origin master

13.  Copy built directory into downloads directory

14. Archive old directory

15. Announce the release on the vjet-dev mailing list


Need to check for any bundle-versions qualifiers that were specific to earlier version. 

Adapted from [2] Spray Release Guide


<span style="line-height: 1.5em;" />[2]

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