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Unit-testing specification (Buckminster)

A (very) high level spec for the regression test framework

  • The tests should be built using the TPTP framework.
  • The tests must be able to run on multiple platforms. First out will be Linux and Windows XP.
  • The framework must be built using Java, JUnit, and Ant. The section concerning Testing JUnint plug-ins in this TPTP documentation is of particular interest.
  • We must have two types of tests:
  1. JUnit tests that are intended for specific plugins. These tests must be self sufficient and only test aspects of that particular plugin. Each buckminster plugin must provide such tests.
  2. Specific test plugins that can perform more elaborate testing such as perhaps download a headless buckminster from our download site, configure it according to some specific needs, then run some tests using it.
  • All tests must run unattended. The tests will typically run during nightly builds.
  • The test should automatically update a web-page (per platform) where the current status of the latest build can be viewed.

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