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Thym/Release Plan

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Project Plan for Eclipse Thym


SDK and non-SDK versions of the Eclipse THyM


We aim to have monthly releases.

For every release, a release candidate will be created. Release candidate will announced on the mailing list and open to committer voting. The candidate gets promoted, if no negative votes are cast in 3 days.

Unlike many Eclipse projects, Thym does not produce milestone releases but all our releases are major or minor version upgrades depending on the content.

Target Environments

Thym builds against the current and next release trains but it is tested only against the next release train. For instance, we run builds based on the latest released Luna and latest Mars milestone and test using the Mars milestone. Once the first milestone for the Mars+1 release train becomes available Thym builds for Luna are discontinued and new builds for Mars+1 are started.

Compatibility with Previous Releases

API compatibility

Thym does not promise to keep API compatibility between releases except the service releases to release train. Although, this does not mean that Thym will have API breaking changes for every release, adopters are encouraged to keep their dependency version ranges small or just use Thym from release train.

Workspace and Project compatibility

Thym promises to be forward compatible. This means that a workspace or a project created using an older version of Thym will work when opened on a new version of Thym. Workspaces and projects created with a recent version of Thym and opened on older versions are not guaranteed to work.

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