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Taskwiki: A Wiki Integrated Task Editor

Student: Jingwen Ou Mentor(s): Steffen Pingel

Taskwiki extends Mylyn’s task editor to provide wiki integration. It supports offline rich text editing with syntax highlight, auto-complete, structure outline and rich text preview. The basic mechanism behind Taskwiki is a source code parser that renders the wiki syntax into HTML. Inputted with wiki code and an URL of the wiki system, the parser elegantly translates them into HTML before they are posted to the issue tracking systems. When displayed, any internal links of the bug reports will be directed to correspondent wiki systems.

Considering the size of this project, it will be separated into several milestones. Detail workloads are as followed:

MUST: Adjusted wiki-to-HTML parser [20 hours]

MUST: Rich text integration [50 hours]

MUST: Rich text preview [20-30 hours]

MUST: Structure outline [20 hours]

HIGH: Auto-complete [40 hours]

MID: Syntax highlights [30 hours]

LOW: Code format [20 hours]

LOW: Spell checking [20 hours]

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