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Talk:WTP Expanded Downloads

So, thoughts? Use the + to the left.

Docs and SDKs

Don't forget to plan for "user docs" and "sdk" versions of each. That sort of multiplies what ever downloads we come up with by a factor of 3 ... if that's the way we want to do it.

What about old "WST" download?

Guess we shouldn't call it "WST" any more, but suspect there's many that will want a "non Java" set of tools (e.g. probably PDT Project, ATF, and others).

This would include "XML Only", I'd recommend, as well as "non-Java Web development".

The other thing I've heard a desire for, from one or two users, is just the minimal JEE environment ... namely the non-Java download, plus ability to do servlet's and JSPs ... not sure how frequently this would be requested, but would be good to keep in mind.

Reponse about WST downloads (Nitin Dahyabhai)

Mostly we're trying to gauge interest in having separate downloads for parts of WTP that are already prepared for it in terms of plug-in structure. This won't affect the current WST download at all. A JSP/Servlet capable download is an interesting, but it would need to be requested through Bugzilla, I think. It's not something we're looking at here.

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