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Talk:WTP: Consumer Control of Access Rules


I'm looking for a similar solution for DTP Ganymede and came across this page. What happens if we build using this filtering of access rules, but the OSGI loader is in strict mode at run time? I think we'll end up with plug-ins not loading due to access restrictions, because the loader doesn't know about the build entries used.

I was looking for a similar wildcard method with x-friend to enable all DTP plug-ins to use inter-DTP code freely, but apparently x-friend doesn't support that, and I'm not about to suggest listing all the DTP plug-ins in separate entries.

I don't know much about "strict mode", but suspect your intuition is correct. I would not help that. This technique is really just to help developers focus in on the "worst" of their violations (or, whatever violations they are interested in). And ... very important ... to help their PDE batch builds match however they have their development environment set up. It is not meant as a permanent workaround to proper API specification. David 13:29, 1 September 2007 (EDT)

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