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Talk:TPTP Jan 07 face to face

Removing fastXPath compiler from TPTP 4.4 impacts AC. Can this decision be discussed before finalized?


Discussion is welcome. The process here is to get agreement in the project on various issues and then get public feedback. In this case the 4.4 feature plan is being settled, including the resource plans etc.. The TPTP planning process normally posts the plan for one week of public feedback before final vote an closure. In this case we are running late on the schedule and this is why we are using a wiki to communicate as early as possible the proposed decisions.

One ongoing issue in all releases is to be api clean. fastxpath breaks api and there is no outlook to be able to fix this so the function came under scrutiny. Besides being an api problem it is also a minimally staffed component. There is also a preferred way to deal with the use case. That being to have statically compiled match patterns, rather than dynamic as in this case.

The proposed resolution to these issues is to remove the api problems and plan for alternate support in the future when resources can be made available. In the meantime the internal api usage will be resolved and the performance will be slower.

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