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Talk:STP/EID Component/GetGanymedeUpdate

Is this still apllicable?

* EID does not work with Galileo. 

I get this error: Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.

 Software currently installed: STP Enterprise Integration Designer Feature  (Incubation) (
 Missing requirement: Cimero2Editor Model Plug-in (org.eclipse.stp.eid requires 'bundle org.eclipse.jet 0.0.0' but it could not be found
 Cannot satisfy dependency:
   From: STP Enterprise Integration Designer Feature  (Incubation) (
   To: org.eclipse.stp.eid.generator []
 Cannot satisfy dependency:
   From: Cimero2 Editor Generator Plug-in (org.eclipse.stp.eid.generator
   To: bundle org.eclipse.stp.eid 0.0.0

I'm trying this on the Eclipse Galileo with STP as described here --

 BPMN Project Feature
 Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers	epp.package.jee
 SCA Tools Feature
 SCA Tools Feature - FraSCAti support
 SCA Tools Feature - SAWSDL support
 SCA Tools Feature - Tuscany support
 SCA Tools Feature - XML Editor
 SOA Policy Editor Feature
 SOA Tools Platform
 STP Intermediate Model BPMN Support Feature
 STP Intermediate Model Core Feature
 STP Intermediate Model Runtime Support Feature
 STP Intermediate Model SCA Support Feature

PLS help!

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