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hi ivan,

reading this page i dont quite get it. i guess i would have to look into the code to understand it...

plz add more information on the ramifications either by link or in place.

i assume it works like the following:

  1. by default the router will persist the record in the blackboard and do the filtering such that not all content is carried on the Q
  2. this can be turned off by BlackboardSync="false"
  3. not described:
    1. the name BlackboardSync suggests that this is a setting that is remembered for all records routed by this rule and processing steps down the road wont even attempt to to put it into the BB.
      is that so?
      if not: what happens when this is done all on the same host and a listener will get the record? an exception due to mussing info in the BB?
    2. when router is BlackboardSync="true" and listner InitiallySet="true":
      what happens?

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