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Talk:Riena/New And Noteworthy

org.eclipse.riena.internal.core.StartupsSafeRunnable Startup <<lazy>>: 'org.eclipse.riena.monitor.client' failed but may succeed (bundle state is in transition): Exception in org.eclipse.riena.internal.monitor.client.Activator.start() of bundle org.eclipse.riena.monitor.client. cause: org.eclipse.riena.core.injector.InjectionFailure: Calling 'bind' method public synchronized void org.eclipse.riena.internal.monitor.client.Aggregator.update(org.eclipse.riena.internal.monitor.client.ICollectorExtension[]) failed.

I don't know why????????


Elias: Hi, please post your question on the Riena Forum. I will try to help you there.

Also, please include the full stack trace and the version of Riena you are using. Thanks.

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