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Talk:Platform/How to Contribute

Section "[3] Get the code for Platform UI"

I think section "[3] Get the code for Platform UI" needs some love. The issues that i see are

  • Directly below the header are the instructions how to get the projects using the platformUiProjectsGerrit.psf file. How I understand it, this step should only be done when using gerrit, so it should be in the sub-chapter 3.1. Otherwise it would make no sense in 3.2 there is another psf (platformUiProjects.psf).
  • Missing in [3.1] is how to set up gerrit in egit. Options like "Push to gerrit..." are not present automatically. First you need to select the origin of the repository and configure gerrit.
  • Much of the information in 3.1 is more related to actual contributing, but we are still in the setup chapter. The process for contributing comes later.

Any opinions on that? (talk) 11:34, 25 September 2020 (EDT) the above comments all sound reasonable. Can you edit the page with your suggestions?

If my requested changes are ok, yes. I can definitely do the first two. The third is a bit more refactoring so i have to see. (talk) 12:06, 25 September 2020 (EDT)

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