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Talk:Planning Council/June 03 2015

Notes from (talk) 12:54, 3 June 2015 (EDT) taken during the call, re: new simrel release strategy:

  • 3-month fixed cadence. Perhaps doing a major R0 in May, then 3 backwards-compatible maintenance releases: MR1 in Aug, MR2 in Nov, MR3 in Feb. Upgrade should be 100% possible within the simrel.
  • Projects can (continue to) join the simrel at any time, rather than ONLY getting on the train before M5 (March) of the R0 (June). I personally think the notion of declaring intent 3 months before a release date still makes sense, as it gives time to do IPzilla review, etc.
  • Should +0 and +1 projects have the restrictions on them from an API / UI perspective be the same as +2 and +3 projects? How would you police that?
  • Could we have auditing tools to check for projects who are on the train but miss a couple milestones or change their BREE requirement unexpectedly (eg., Sapphire 9.0.0.x) ?
[from David Williams] Nick, I've always wanted to say thanks for the suggestion. I reluctant to do this "live note taking" as I fear it might slow down the actual discussion. But, I do think there are times such "live notes" might be handy and I will keep in more in mind, with your encouragement. Thanks.

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