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Question 1

With regards to the internationalization capability, I would suspect that the localisation information would be provided in line with the Eclipse capability in this matter. Is there any Papyrus-specific information to help on providing localisation files for Papyrus?

Found it on YouTube: [[1]]


The video talks about the model's internationalization in Papyrus:

UML provides its own mechanism for internationalization of models, using the localization provided by Eclipse. In Papyrus, we override this mechanism in order to:

  • provide labels for Diagrams and Tables
  • allow to the user to change the model localization without changing the Eclipse one (and so, without restarting Eclipse)

The documentation about the internationalization is available in the Eclipse Help, accesible with these paths:

  • Papyrus Guide > Developer Guide
  • Papyrus Guide > User Guide > Starter Guide > Papyrus > Internationalize a model


Thank you for the pointers you provide, which provide information on internationalization (I18N). However, these do not address localization (L10N), which was the crux of my question (sorry that wasn't clear). For L10N, one typically needs to be able to obtain a list of the externalized string so that they can be provided to a translator to get them properly translated into a national language. So my question then becomes, does Papyrus provide an easy mechanism to get these strings? If not, I can just look for them in the plugins.

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