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Talk:Graphical Modeling Framework/Documentation

Hi gang; I can only agree with the earlier comment. My first recommendation, is to test, fix and verify: ALL, EVERY and EACH link on this AS WELL as All the other tutorial pages.   Fore example.

  • You can't run the "mindmap" tutorial without the  'mindmap.ecore' model file and yet, the CVS path is broken to that (currently up to date) file. Hmmm -- Good enough for you perhaps.  Not so hot for persons wishing to adopt the GMF toolset.
  • I'm currently using Juno, the e4 platform is in beta -- Why does this demo depend on Helios?
  • I think things like ecore models ought to be somewhat static.  This is just a tutorial.  Does it need to be under CVS control?  
  • Most of all fix the links.  Then fix the step-by-step instructions. Fix the screen shots with invald CVS path strings.
  • MOST of all after all those, the Ecliopse "Cheat Sheet" for GMF needs fixing!

I wouldn't mind helping fix these things, it is a good way for me to learn more (or get started).  To do that I/we need the people who made this thing last to contribute to the party.  I note the previous comment is over two years old.  Product information is just as important as the bug fixes and engagement with the end-users.

Can I cncourage people to take old of an oar and start rowing!

... 2012-12_Dec-15

The instructions to get the GMF example is absolutely frustrating. When I downloaded Helios, it does not include the GMF plugins. From the update site, it got even more hairy, it kept complaining that some dependencies are not satisfied. I then downloaded the zip files and manually installed the GMF plugin. When I tried opening the example project it errored out: The selected wizard could not be started.

 Plug-in org.eclipse.gmf.examples.runtime.ui.pde was unable to load class org.eclipse.gmf.examples.ui.pde.internal.wizards.ProjectUnzipperNewWizard.

This is abysmal. Can somebody provide clear cut instructions on how to open a sample project, which seems to be something very fundamental.

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