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Talk:Equinox/p2/Omni Version

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Changes made January 6, 2009
  • Shortened processing instruction "ignore" to "!"
  • Shortened processing instruction 'pad(' raw-element ')' to 'p' raw-element

Changes made January 4, 2009

  • Added clarification regarding comparison of padded version formats

Changes made December 30,2008

  • Modified rules for 's' to mean only alpha characters, and added S for 'any character'
  • Removed requirement that 'next element start' acts as delimiter for previous element. Care must be taken when using a, s, S, elements so they do not include intended delimiter in the parsed string.
  • 'q' now has stricter meaning - it only accepts quoted strings
  • It is now allowed to have nested arrays
  • The 'a' rule with character count now treats 'change of type' as a delimiter
  • Clarified that empty input and formats that results in no segments are considered to be errors.
  • Clarified that a default value does not have to have the same type as it's format rule.

Changes above made to simplify rules and ensure performant parsing.

Changes made December 29, 2008:

  • The 'a' format does not support quoted strings
  • Added format rule 'N' to allow negative integers
  • Added raw element '-M' with the meaning -MAX_INT

Reworked proposal after discussion Dec 15, 2008 - Ready for review. Summary of changes:

  • Previous proposal alllowed multiple implementations of Version and VersionRange. The new proposal is to only support a single implementation.
  • The 'any' format has been removed
  • The 'raw' format has been change to the new name 'format', and 'raw' is now used to describe a canonical version
  • The pattern language have been made more powerful - since new version types can not be plugged in
  • A proposal how to handle sharing of named patterns has been added - some more work is required though
  • An FAQ has been added at the end, answering some of the questions asked by reviewers

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