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Talk:Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 Components Release Tracker

MK> Dennis Roy, why did you rollback the version numbers? In particular, I assure you that I personally uploaded JAX-RS 2.1.5 to Maven Central and it is really there, so why did you roll it back to 2.1.4?

I rolled back the latest update of the release tracker. It rolled back my edits and introduced incorrect version numbers. The correct version of JAX-RS API in GlassFish is 2.1.3. See, <jax-rs-api.impl.version>2.1.3</jax-rs-api.impl.version>.

MK> This is weird. We released JAX-RS 2.1.5 solely for the purpose of GlassFish 5.1 integration. And now it is not contained? Then you should publish GF 5.1.1 ASAP!

DK> Jan Supol is working on it.

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