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Talk:COSMOS Design 214794

Ali's Comments

Well thought-out. The mock-ups provide an excellent vision of what the end result will look like. The only comment I have is to identify the nodes of the left tree by id or readable names where possible. For example the 'id' of an item template can be used instead of the term 'itemTemplate' or the local name of a property value can be used instead of 'propertyValue'. It will probably suffice to add the id/name in parenthesis. For example: itemTemplate('order') 09:57, 30 January 2008 (EST) I agree with Ali. This looks good.

Bill's Comments

  • How is the query builder dialog invoked? Right-click on an MDR? Select one or more items from a previous query result and right-click?<sheldon>A menu option would be shown to create the query. This is already provided in the i8 driver</sheldon>
  • As the user is interacting with the query dialog, we should be displaying the generated cmdbf query (in another view). <sheldon>This could be a stretch goal for this enhancement. A tab view can be used to show the generated xml</sheldon>
  • We need to provide a mechanism for the user to input the xs:any parts of the query.<sheldon>This is already shown in the design</sheldon>
  • What happens to the query after it is built? Can it be saved? Can the query dialog be initialized from a previously saved query?<sheldon>This ER does not save the query. This should be another enhancement since we now get into managing query files. We need to determine where to deploy these files and provide user interface to delete the files, rename the files, etc. This is out of scope for this ER </sheldon>
  • Do we need a "Validate" button (next to "Submit") where the user can validate the query request with the schema?<sheldon>Are you referring to the the cmdbf query schema? Also how do you expect the user to get feed back? Will it highlight the tree with some error decorator? This can be quite complicated since there needs to be a mapping between a schema error with a control in the user interface. Or do you just expect a message to display the error?</sheldon>
  • We need more details specifying how the exploiters can extend the grid widget to provide their own UI.<sheldon>This is on my todo list as part of a programming guide. </sheldon>
  • Can you explain how the JSON produced by the "Service MetaData Outputter" is used (during the query dialog initialization) to drive all the widgets? <sheldon>This should be determine by the person implementing this feature. The JSON depends on how the widgets are developed</sheldon>

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