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Talk:COSMOS Design 214153

  • The example you’ve included in your bugzilla summary and design document is a registration response, not a query request.
  • Macros in templates won’t work well for a generic query builder. It seems redundant for a client of the builder to provide a template with macros. It should be possible to construct the request based on user’s input without any template. The user will select the type of constraint (e.g. instanceId, recordType, propertyType) and the arguments for each constraint. This eliminates the need for a template/macro approach.

(Sheldon's comment) This enhancement is not refering to a generic query builder. This enhancement is allowing adopters to create custom wizards for end-users. I see a generic query builder more useful for adopters that understand the CMDBf specification and not useful for end users. Enhancement 214794 was opened to capture a generic query builder.

  • The service meta-data introduced in CMDBf1.0 can be used in this case to prompt the user with only what is supported by an MDR. In case an MDR does not provide meta-data, then all constraints should be enabled. The meta-data can be used to determine
  1. Support for relationship cardinality and depth limit
  2. Support for constraints
  3. The operators supported on a property value constraint
  4. XPath dialect support
  5. Record types supported

(Sheldon's comment) Are you saying that the generic query builder should query the MDR to determine what kinds of query the user can build?
(Ali's comment) yes.

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