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Minutes - COSMOS Monthy Summit - December 7, 2007

Attendees: Jimmy, Don, Paul, Mark, Toni, Hubert, Leonard Richardson, David, Sheldon, Ali, Bill, Martin, Tania, John Todd, Jack, Valentina, Bobby, Rich Vasconi, Balan


  • Schedule follow-on discussions to define use cases - Jimmy, Ali, Hubert, Bill
  • Add requirement for P2 and above enhancements to be completed before we exit an iteration - Tania
  • Post a link to the tool that can valdiate the externalization of all strings (for internationalization purposes) - Valentina
  • Define the requirements to add internationalization checks to our build and open an enhancement request - Mark
  • Create a bugzilla enhancement to begin collecting release engineering requirements for the CMDBf Toolkit, and add this as an agenda item for the Dec. 14 RE call - Balan

Use Cases:

  • Mark, Ali and Hubert created a page to start documenting the COSMOS Use Cases and start associating enhancement requests with the use cases. The team added several use cases. Each major category was assigned a lead (Federation - Jimmy, Collection - Ali & Hubert, Management - Bill). The leads will schedule follow on discussions to further define use cases for each category.

i8 Enhancements:

  • Team walked through the current i8 enhancements, modified target and priority as appropriate, and discussed status.
  • All P2 enhancements and above must be completed in order to exit an iteration. Tania will add this to the development process document.
  • We should be doing defect verification either through a meeting every few weeks or through e-mail

Dependencies for i8 & M2:

  • Mark will update the dependency page on the wiki to reflect a few changes brought up by the team
  • This page only reflects dependencies for M2. A new page will be created for the June 1.0 deliverable, as the dependencies will likely change.

Q/A Approach:

  • Jimmy reviewed the QA approach that he posted on the cosmos-dev mailing list. Several changes were recommended.

Here is the updated approach for i8 & i9:

  1. The QA team will review the current JUnits-based unit testing approach; if needed, recommendations with be made. There are concerns around the level of current inline comments in the code.
  2. The QA team will come up with a complete strategy for E2E testing for i8 & i9 that will focus on covering all the use cases as documented on the wiki page in the Dec 7 meeting.
  3. It is not clear if the QA team is responsible for doing an E2E test that represents a MASTER unit test. Is this needed?
  4. Are there any other items that the QA team needs to address?
  5. Developers will write the manual & JUnits test cases that QA will execute. These tests will cover functional behavior. The QA team may extend these functional tests written by the developer.

Release Engineering Plan:

  • Balan walked the team through the latest information on the Release Engineering wiki page.
  • We want to have representation from all participating companies familiar with the build process. We currently have participation from IBM and CA. Don will determine who, if anyone, from CompuWare should participate.
  • The build can currently only be executed by COSMOS committers. We should maintain this for security and Eclipse guidelines purposes.
  • There are several Release Engineering requirements for i8 and M2. The team needs to open Bugzilla entries for these requirements so the RE team can track and execute against them.
  • There was much discussion about the requirements for the CMDBf Toolkit, and we did not have time to resolve the open questions. Balan will open a Bugzilla entry so that the team can begin entering more details on the requirements. This will be put on the agenda for the December 14 Release Engineering call.

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