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Talk:BaSyx / Documentation / API / ControlComponent

Control component interface harmonization

Lets try to harmonize existing implementations of control components and sync to the control component profiles, which are used to test conformance. The following changes to the VAB implmentation documentation of control components were made in commit 440375:

  • Only define a 'default' BaSyx VAB implementation (not 'minimum' required) as different requirements apply for different use cases.
  • Delete 'service' path segment for list of operations.
  • Use uppercase paths to distinguish between user specific and standardized elements.
  • Focus on the OPERATIONS service interface.
  • Focus on 'mandatory' attributes.
  • Delete BSTATE as mandatory operation mode.
  • Delete signals for localOverwrite and localOverwriteFree as they are technology specific and should be 'hard wired'.
  • Use network layer authorization to occupy component (no senderId parameter for operations, otherwise all operations need a senderId parameter).
  • OPC UA mapping:
    • Delete Control path segment for the OPC UA browse path
    • Add a namespace for basys that can be used to translate the browsepath and to for companion specifications later:

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