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Swordfish: TerminationReview

Communication Channel:

History and State

The Swordfish project was proposed in August 2007. Its goal was to provide an extensible service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework that can be complemented by additional components such as a service registry or a BPEL engine to form a comprehensive open source SOA runtime environment. Starting with Galileo it was part of several Simultaneous Releases, but never was able to gain a wider community and noteworthy diversity. For more than three years there was no commit into the source repository.

All remaining committers voted to set the project dormant.

Termination Actions

In case no new committers are stepping up, the following termination actions will be required:

  1. Bugzilla
  2. IPZilla
    • Archive Swordfish CQs in IPZilla, currently there are no open CQ's
  3. Mailing List
  4. Forum
  5. Download Area
    • Archive and remove
  6. Web Page
    • Archive and remove project Website
  7. Source Code
    • Archive and remove source code in SVN: /svnroot/soa/org.eclipse.swordfish
  8. Swordfish Committers
    • Deactivate all remaining committers

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