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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Testing/Standalone Spring

Example Spring Test Project

It is possible to bootstrap an Stardust engine without any server component in a plain Spring context. Download Example Project

The context provides an

  • in-Memory Derby database,
  • in-Memory ActiveMQ (JMS) and
  • in-Memory Jackrabbit (JCR).

therefore you can use (nearly) all Stardust features. Due to the excluded server components the context is started within seconds. This is very useful for unit testing etc. Also included are some helper classes to do unit testing.


There are also some drawbacks which should be noticed:

  • EJB-Application type is not working
  • No Spring-Remoting/Webservice-Remoting. You have to use the ServiceFactoryLocator to communicate with the Engine.

All libraries are fetched via Maven. We tried to use only libraries already used by Stardust. For some features this was not an option:

  • A more current version of Derby is included to allow in-Memory usage. This is fetched via Maven Central
  • SpringTesting was included to use Spring-JUnit templates
  • SpringModules for JCR was included to provide a JCA connection without JNDI/server components.


  1. Import the attached ZIP-file as project into you Eclipse workspace (install the M2 Eclipse Maven Plugin).
  2. Check pom.xml Execute
  3. JUnitTest to verify setup
  4. Adopt/Enhance/Customize as per your requirement.

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